This is the preliminary homepage for a FreeBSD live-FS project.

List of features:

How can I get it?

The project consists of multiple files. They aren't yet linked together properly, and there's still a lot missing (see below).

  1. init.csh
    Put this shellscript into your rc file. It does XFree86 configuration, swap initialization and restoring of changed files.
  2. saveconfig.csh
    Put this in your rc.shutdown, it is responsible for (you guessed it) saving the configuration and changed files, unmounting the ramdisk, and cleaning up.
  3. configure-x11.c
    A very tiny C program. It is called by the init.csh script. Put the compiled program somewhere in the path.
    If someone knows a way to do it in shellscript, please tell me.
  4. portbuild.csh
    It takes a file with a list of ports in it, and builds them.
  5. portlist
    A sample portlist for the portbuild.csh script.
  6. default_theme
    This is the default theme I will give Fluxbox for the ISO image.
  7. compress.csh
    This shellscript walks a directory hierarchy and compresses all executables it finds.

You can also download all of the above files in one single tarball.

Warning: Large parts of this code are UNTESTED!
Use at your own risk!


Coming soon:

All of this is of course released under the terms of the FreeBSD license.

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